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Glass Blocks - Clear, Tinted and Decorative

Presenting the new dimension in the glass! Having literally introduced it in the country, we stock the largest and widest range of glass blocks in India in different colours, shapes, and sizes. Apart from their visual appeal glass blocks also serve several functional benefits such as noise and heat insulation, fire-resistance, security, and privacy. The versatility of glass blocks as a building material provides solutions for designing windows, bathrooms, furniture, straight and curved walls, ceilings, roofs and floor constructions, building facades, and pavement lights.


Technical Specifications

Thickness                      : 80 mm

Size                               : 190 mm X 190 mm, 190 mm X 90 mm, 145 mm X                                               145 mm, 240 mm X 240mm

Glass Composition        : Mainly silica-sand, soda-ash and calcium

Light Transmission        : 80% for clear and 60% for coloured

Thermal Insulation        : 2.9 W/m2K

Impact Strength             : 12 N/mm

Sound Insulation (Rw)  : 42dB


Polished Wired Fire-Rated Glass

Our wired fire-rated glass is unarguably the most economical solution for your vision panel requirements for fire-doors. Sourced from Japan, these glasses can withstand fire up to 120 minutes when installed in the right framing system and with the correct guidelines. The greatest advantage of our wired glasses is the flexibility it offers of being cuttable at site. This means you can stock the glass in sheet form and use it in your requirement dimensions on demand and without waiting for individual pieces to be dispatched. You can also talk to one of our fire-rated experts for non-wired, clear fire-resistant solutions.


Technical Specifications

Thickness            : 7.20 mm

Size                      : 2140 mm X 3300 mm

Fire-Rating           : Integrity (E) 60 (can go up to 120 minutes in special systems)