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Our Solutions




Being one of the largest glass suppliers in the industry, we have a great connection with traders across the country. We supply all kinds of glass for every customized requirement and that’s why traders love us!



We recognize what it takes to complete a space and no one understands this better than a developer. Be it plain clear glass or unique antique mirrors, we are a one-stop shop for every architectural glass that you will possibly use!


Designers and Architects

Interior architects love us! And why not, after all we possess some of the most exciting glass products available today. Take for instance our wide range of glass blocks – a totally unique way of creating walls, partitions and even facades that not only looks stunning but also performs brilliantly functionally with respect to heat and sound transmission. Our bespoke approach to glass creations amplifies our service and product offerings and together with interior architects, it is our endeavor to create architectural masterpieces together.